Land Plot 15.500m2, Jankomir

Jankomir, Zagreb, Croatia



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Building plot of 15.500m2 for sale. Located in Jankomir, business district of Zagreb. Zone “G” of economic purpose. The plot is located in one of the most attractive commercial and commercial areas of the city of Zagreb. Extremely well connected with other parts of the city, and a number of business facilities for various purposes have been built in the mentioned business and commercial zone. The advantage of the property is also spatial planning documentation that allows different purposes of the planned building. Buildings of any economic purpose can be built. The land is straight, without elevation.

Detailed breakdowns for construction in the field of economic activity (G) stipulate the following conditions:
– construction of new and reconstruction of existing buildings,
– It is possible to build one or more detached buildings on each plot, – the smallest surface of the building block is 1,000 m2,
– the highest construction particle size is 50%
– at least 20% of the building particle is a natural terrain,
– the largest overhead production and trading complex is 1.2,
– the largest overhead relative for business purposes is 2.0,
– the height and number of floors of the building are determined depending on the technology and purpose, and the highest altitude of the building can be 9 floors,
– it is obligatory to place the vehicle on the corresponding building block,
– The dimensioning of the number of parking spaces should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of Article 21 of the Decision on the adoption of UPU SCR Jankomir,
– it is necessary to provide an access road with a public transit area, at least the road width of 7,00 m,
– the smallest building distance from the partition of the building particle is h / 2 but not less than 3 m (except for the public area)
– in the reconstruction and construction of a replacement building, the existing building of the building particle and the height above the prescribed can be maintained, but without increase, and the smallest natural terrain is existing. The owner is a legal person.


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