Land for industrial building, Velika Gorica

Zagrebačka bb, Velika Gorica, Croatia



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A building plot of land of 13,845 m2 is for sale, located at a business location in Velika Gorica near all the facilities exceptionally well connected with the main roads and the air port Dr. Franjo Tudjman.

1. A part of a surface area of ​​8,845 m2 has been granted a valid building permit for the construction of an administrative building with associated production halls and auxiliary premises as well as parking places.

The planning object has a total net usable area of ​​2,772.65 m2, of which the enclosed spaces 2,164,85 and the open / covered areas 562,80 m2.

The floor plan construction is 22.2%, which can be extended to the maximum of 40% under current urban conditions.

All necessary infrastructure connections for the building concerned are provided through Main Street.

The pedestrian and pedestrian access to the building particle is enabled from the north-east side of the building block from the  main street with which the constructional particle borders. There are two entrances to the plot, of which the southeast entrance is also pedestrian. It is intended to have two entry roads from which the north-west would be used for freight vehicles, trucks and the like, and southeast for guests and employees, which would suit the quality of the daily business process on the plot and which would enable greater security and visibility of the traffic or inputs / exits vehicles on the main road.

There are a total of 49 parking spaces of 2.7×5.0m in size, three of which have parking spaces for people with reduced mobility.

The building is detached and consists of three units / dilatations; administrative building with entrance hall and communications, offices, conference hall, tea kitchen and sanitary facilities; higher halls with radio, sanitary, wardrobe, kitchenette, office for managers, storage and auxiliary service areas; lower radar counters, anticorrosion protection area and canopies.

The administrative part of the building is P + 3, the service spaces within the hall are P + 2 floors, while the working areas / radion ground floor.
2. The remaining 5000 m2 of building land is formed as a separate building block where it is possible to build a building under the same urban conditions.

For the building in question, we have all the necessary major projects (architecture, statics, plumbing and sewage, engineering, electrical installation, elevator, traffic, physics, geodesy, occupational safety, fire protection) made by authorized designers and associated costs so that it is possible to build to go immediately.

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