Maldives, whole island (73.000m2) for 5 star luxury resort, 100 villas

Maldive Islands, Maldives


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Maldives Islands, whole island (73.000m2), sale, (long therm leesse, 50 years + 49 years) excellent place for 5 star luxury beach resort development with more than 100 villas. Possible to built more then 100 beach and water villas specializing in exceptional hospitality service to guests. Each villa approx. 85m2.
Acquisition of the leasehold rights of the island: One-time payment to secure the island
Type of Lease: Head lease 50 years (this is standard period, but remaining lease period will vary if the island already secured by another person)
Another 49 years can be added by paying a lump sum amount within the first 50-years lease period, if investor wish to extend the contract.
Built up area calculation (formula):
-The maximum built up area is 30% of the total land area.
-Guest villas, over water villas and beach villas, etc: built up area is calculated as per the footprint of the structure. If the structure is of 2 floors or more, each floor area is added to the built up area.
-All the other structures built up area is calculated of only the foot area of the structure. Even if the structure is of 2 floors or more, only the footprint area is calculated.
-Open areas such as tennis court, football ground, jetties, swimming pools or the bund wall for fuel tank is not calculated in the built up area of the island.
-Water tanks, fuel tanks and sewerage treatment plant is included in the built up area.

Construction cost:
Regarding construction and development cost, this is very much depending on designs, materials etc being use in the project.
Entire project (5 stars standard) may cost about USD 35 million (approx.).
Construction Grace Period: 2 Years (subject to change / can be extended with additional payment, if necessary).
Tourism Taxes (after construction grace period):
-Government Lease Rent: USD 8 Per Sq. per year (must pay to government, whether there is business or not, once the resort is open).
-Green Tax: USD 6 per night (must charge from the guest and pay to government)
-TGST (VAT): 12% (must charge from the guest and pay to government)
-Business Profit Tax (BPT): 15% (must pay to government)
Foreigner can own 100% in resort business investment.
Return on investment in resort business in Maldives: 5 – 6 years.

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