Stone houses, Island Silba

Silba, Croatia


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Houses on the island Silba for sale. Historic property (from 1756.). Total land is 800 m2. Living space 230m2, 115m2 of Attic, Veranda 40m2 and Terrace on 1st floor has 14m2.
First house is hand crafted stone house in Venetian style and have new build part with arch. Second house was build from local stone.

Houses are completely renovated outside and partially renovated inside with installed solar wall heating/cooling system.Procedure of renovation are implemented combining old techniques, original materials used as complying with Croatian Heritage Agency.

In yard exist and water wells (not in use). In the North part of Garden are two new water cisterns with capacity of 75 cub (m3).

Houses are located in the middle of the island cca 350 meters from the sea. On the one sea side is Marina for yachts and on the other sea side is passenger ferry. Surrounding house are gardens.

Island Silba is located between City of Zadar (28 Nautical miles) and island Mali Losinj (14 Nautical miles). Closest airports are Zadar and Mali Losinj.

On the island is elementary school, Police Station, First Aid and physician Ambulance, Harbor Masters Office, Post Office, Fire Fighter’s Department, Currency Exchange office, Pastry Shop, Souvenir shops, Several Catholic Churches, Couple of Markets, Vegetable shop, Fish shop, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Marinas for Yachts & boats, Two Ports for passenger ships etc.
There are no hotels or any other industry causing any kind of pollution.

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