Luxury penthouse 130m2, garage 50m2

Podolje, Zagreb, Croatia



  • Balcony / Terrace
  • Basement / Storage
  • Garage
  • Parking



  • Not an Option

About Price


Beautiful luxury penthouse near Sestre Milosrdnice Hospital, (Vinogradska Hospital). The apartment has an excellent floor plan, so the enclosed part of the 130m2 apartment consists of a kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a separate guest toilet, a washing machine in a separate room, a separate walk in closet and a large living room from which to come out on a beautiful terrace of 30m2. From the terrace of the apartment there is a beautiful view of the city. The environment is unique and very comfortable. In addition to the apartment there are 2 garages with a total area of 50m2 and storage of approx. 10m2. The apartment is very close to city tram transport.

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